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Batoufam, Cameroon

December 2019


Geremi Njitap

The Context

Close to the city of Bafoussam, in the Western region of the country, the city of Batouffam has a population of 20 000. The region is densely populated, but often neglected in terms of public investments. It is from a former inhabitant that the impetus for the project came from.

Geremi Nitjap, a former national Camerounaise athlete, and the double Olympic Champion in 2000 together with his team, reached out to us via his long time friend who happens to be Ippon Foundation’s partner, Didier Drogba.

The project

The school of Chefferie de Batoufam is situated on a six hours drive from the Capital, Douala. This is where the volunteers from Ippon Technologies were welcomed by his Majesty the King Nayam Toukan the Innocent. 

The volunteers installed 15 computer stations in this school, completely renovated and enlarged thanks to Geremi Nitjap Fotso Foundation.

The partner

Our partner Geremi Nitjap and his spouse Laure Fotso announced the launching of their eponym Foundation. 

Created to help the underprivileged populations of Cameroon, it will multiply its actions in partnership with Ippon Foundation in 2020. The GNF Foundation will also be able to count on the support of many prestigious international ambassadors and alumni, such as Rigobert Song or Roger Milla.