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Bingerville, Ivory Coast

October 2019

Bingerville, Ivory Coast

Foundation Didier Drogba/Simplon

The Context

In Bingerville, the former capital on the territory under an active reconstruction, the number of schools keeps growing. Here, the Foundation implemented its 3rd and 4th digital classroom in Ivory Coast.

Exactly one year after the very first collaboration in Vitre, the Foundation Didier Drogba & Ippon Foundation reached their goal for the Ivory Coast: 4 digital schools in 12 months.

Established in 1939, The Military School L’École Militaire Préparatoire Technique, trains the elite military forces not only for the Ivory Coast, but also for the whole continent, since it counts 12 nationalities.

Notre Dame de la Paix is a primary catholic school, founded in 1965 and held by the Sisters since.

The Project

This dual project came out of an ambition of the Foundation to optimize its presence locally by developing the two neighboring schools.

The Military Preparatory Technical School (EMPT) already benefits the qualified teaching staff ; however, due to significant shortage of the necessary equipment, the computer lessons were inaccessible to approximately 900 students.

Notre Dame de la Paix school now benefits from the partnership between Ippon and Simplon. The latter, present in Abidjan, gives IT development weekly courses to the most deserving of the 900 primary school students.

The Partner

Founded in 2007, the Didier Drogba Foundation covers three action fields: Health, Education and population empowerment in Africa. These are the three most important pillars of a community development process.

The Didier Drogba Foundation is now thinking bigger and aims to develop its activities during 2020, the goal being to become one of the most important humanitarian African foundations.