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Morocco, Casablanca

March 2019

Casablanca, Morocco

SupInfo Maroc

The context

Even if Casablanca is considered to be financial and industrial center of Morocco, it is however highly impacted by poverty. It is out of this paradox that the World Bank classifies Casablanca at the third rank of the countries marked by the unequal opportunities and precariousness (Gini index).

Faced to this fact, Ippon foundation decided to act and help out. The inauguration of the digital classroom was facilitated by the company’s offices already implanted in Casablanca and Marrakech. The classroom was created within the Oussama Ibn Zaid school, established in 1924, formerly European school de Beauséjour, under French tutorship.

Since 1960, the School is under the Moroccan Ministry of National Education  and today counts 229 students.

The Project

This is the second project carried out by Ippon Foundation in the country, this time in Casablanca, a less then a year after the 1st digital classroom within the Institution Tahar Sebti, saw the day in Marrakech. Within the Oussama Ibn Zaid school in Beauséjour quartier, the school will aim to create the precursor digital education for the city of Casablanca, and Morocco in general.

Ippon Foundation, SupInfo Institute in Morocco and the Ministry of National Education signed a contract which engaged all parties to provide all the necessary means needed to develop the digital knowledge of the students. 

The students from the SupInfo and the engineers from Ippon Morocco have come to install the equipment and will be regularly visiting, in order to ensure the best possible usage of it in the future, through trainings and classes for the beneficiaires.

The Partner

SupInfo is an international University headquartered in Brussels. It operates campuses in France and around the world, alone or in partnership with a network of accredited institutions. With two campuses in Morocco, in Casablanca and Marrakech, the University  confirms its investment in the potential of the country. 

Each year, the University welcomes numerous students from all over Africa, who come to attend the quality courses.  It’s in this context that Ippon activates its partnership with Supinfo: by soliciting the students to put their acquired skills in the service of their respective countries.