En partenariat avec l’Institution Tahar Sebti, créé en 1956, accompagnant à ce jour plus de 450 élèves de la maternelle au primaire.

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Morocco, Casablanca

July 2018

Casablanca, Morocco


The Context

The idea of establishing a school in the poorest country where Ippon is implanted had been growing in the minds of Ippon’s President and the staff of Ippon Morocco.

The project finally saw the day in July 2018, as the result of the desire to intervene and make a change in the country that welcomed them.

The Tahar Sebti Institution was founded in 1956 and is now welcoming 450 pupils from kindergarten to the primary school. It was the first school to welcome the girls during the 50ies. Later, through its history, it was the pioneer in schooling the disabled and the children from the poor neighborhoods.

The Project

The goal of Ippon foundation on this project was to equip the Tahar Sebti institution with a computer room with an access to Internet.

The Foundation financed ten computer stations.

This project also permitted to several students of the SupInfo to participate to the installation of the digital classroom together with the teams from Ippon Morocco. This would be the second part of this partnership: to inspire and thus initiate young people in Africa to undertake and support the access to digital tools.

The Partner

SUPINFO is an international institution with the headquarters in Brussels. It is managing the campuses in France and all over the world, autonomously or in partnership with the local network institutions.

With two campuses in Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca), SupInfo confirms its investment in the potential of the country. Every year, many students come to the Institute from all over Africa thanks to its good reputation. It is in this context that IPPON activates its partnership by soliciting students to put their skills at the service of their countries.